20 years later.

I lost the chance
the moment I saw it.
unrequited love, pathetic they call it.

Your smile was my favorite, one out of a billion
a thin line of ex- lovers awaiting,
but I choose you.

20 years later, you’re back into my life,
Nostalgia had stained my memory,
drip drop, the ink bottle falls.

20 years later, I still crave your embrace,
oh how scared I am of losing you  but
how could I be afraid of losing something I never had.

A tinge of pain when i hear your name,
I always say the wrong thing, don’t I?
i’m sorry, you make me nervous.

Oh how you drive me insane,
your charisma strangles me,
leave me alone, I beg you,
for I will fall in love with you once again.