The City

Intrepid and Charismatic,
her bold nature was devoured by many,
renowned for her hospitality,
she casted a spell on lonely wanderers,
embracing them tightly.

Time didn’t exist in her dictionary,
yellow rickshaws had their own rhythm,
bouncing softly on jagged floors,
honking had become a terrible habit but
the city was stoic without it.

She taught you the art of patience,
the importance of losing even a minute,
the metro game plays a funny game,
be aware of the dubious she warns,
befriend the friendless sat next to you, for
they will tell you the best stories you’ve ever heard.

Small shops nestled away,
vintage fashion had a different label,
bargaining was an artistic necessity,
a requirement for survival said she,
she was bold and carefree,
colorful and effervescent.

but she won’t send you home hungry,
street food had its own charm,
buyers and sellers huddled together in a small corner,
their eyes widened as they slowly fell in love with every bite,
the sweet and the spicy inextricably linked,
She rubbed their bellies proudly,
and shooed away their isolation.

She belonged to everyone,
she brought in smiles and laughter,
but most importantly, she loved.
at night, when the world disappeared to sleep,
she cherished some well deserved moments of solitude.


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