17 things I’ve learnt in 17 years

What my experiences in high school have taught me:

1) Be confident.
Make mistakes but learn from them. Be hungry for experiences, don’t be afraid to make a fool out of yourself once in a while. Everyone has been or is in the same boat as you. Fake it till you make it.
2) Friends will come and go, but some will stay. 
You’ll have fights or might even lose touch with people you thought will be in your life for ever and that’s okay. Make new friends while maintaining old friendships, you’re never too busy to send them a snap or message.
3) Be hungry for experiences.
Keep being hungry to learn. It’s the best skill you can acquire. Learn how to do that thing you’ve been putting off for a while. You live in the age of the internet, trust me, you’ll find a way to figuring it out.
4) Make friends with everybody.
Don’t just stick to your little friend group, go out there and make friends with people from all over. Different ages,countries, cultures, beliefs; it’s the only way you’ll grow and learn.
5) Ignore when necessary.
There will be times when people will say a few nasty comments that will upset you, life isn’t always going to be full of wonderful things. Push yourself to develop a thick skin to negativity. It’s so easy for negativity to cling on to you and distract you, but you need to know when is the right time to walk away.
6) Tough times make great stories and even stronger shields.
You can do this, I believe in you. You’ll look back at this moment and smile at how strong you had/have been.
7) People are just as intimidated of you as you are of them.
Everybody likes to appear confident and give off the ‘yeah, I don’t care’ vibe. Trust me, they secretly do.
8) Never be petty!!!
9) If you get negative vibes from someone, you need to move away from this situation.
Speaking for myself and from past experiences, really.
10) Have a good laugh.
Everybody likes that.
11) Be honest, but don’t be rude.
Be careful with your words, you may forget what you said but trust me, they won’t.
12) Ice lemon tea is pretty freaking delicious.
I don’t know why I hated it for so long. DRINK IT.
13) Do something that scares you ever day.
It doesn’t have to be jumping off cliffs, but little things, talking to that special person or sending in that resume, anything really.
14) Public speaking is so important.
A skill yet to be acquired.
15) Read more: News, books, articles etc.
You’ll sound knowledgable but hey, at least you know whats happening around the world?
16) Be kind to yourself.
Stop being so hard on yourself. You’re allowed to make mistakes and have flaws. You’re only human. Relax!
17) Appreciate those around you.
Call your loved ones, always tell them you love them.


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