OPINION: Artbox @ Singapore 2017

Artbox is a popular, fun filled flea market from Bangkok, Thailand which recently made its way down to Singapore for the last 2 weekends.

unnamed-5Overall, the experience was interesting! It was a fun way to spend a saturday night with a couple of friends. However, the ambience may not be for everyone-if you love crowds, loud music and lots of food stalls, this may be the place for you!

Here are just some of the stalls I went to:

Lola’s Cafe:  Ratings: 4/5- $4

unnamed.jpg The first meal of the night- fried chicken wings. I tried out the Honey and Paprika flavored wings and they were delicious! Warning: Sticky fingers! These wings had a great crunch on the outside yet remained incredibly tender on the inside and the flavorings just worked well hand in hand. I demolished these in less than 5 minutes. (too hungry or these were just really good.) 


Tio Smoke Stall: Ratings: 3.5/5 –  $6
I had always seen liquid nitrogen ice cream videos circulating around social media and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these. Warningit’s just a hype! It was an interesting experience, but mainly something you would try out for photos. The excitement dries out pretty quickly as you keep popping them in your mouth, however, this was still fun to try out and I’ll probably do it again!

Mini-Segway Rentals: $10 for 15 minutes
This is a must-try! This was my first time ever riding a segway and I had so much fun! Don’t worry if you’re too scared or don’t know how to ride one because the people working at this stall were incredibly patient and so nice- they won’t leave your side until you feel comfortable to ride by yourself. It took me around a solid 5 minutes to gain full confidence and feel comfortable to ride on my own. This was one of the last stalls we tried in the night and it was probably my favorite one.

Coco-Glaco: Ratings 1/5 $5 (no picture) 
My least favorite purchase of the night. From a distance,  this looked like coconut flavored ice-cream served in a coconut and they just seemed so tempting especially when you’re desperately trying to escape the heat! However, as soon as I bit into these, I realised it was nothing more than frozen coconut water. Bummer! Not worth the price at all!!

Taco Dendeng: Ratings 3.5/5 $7 for two tacos (no picture)
These were alright. Absolutely detested the cheese, it tasted super fake- the type you’d buy from a can. The cheese had completely made the taco’s super soggy however the taco’s retained its flavor- quick meal for on the go. Not so bad, but not so amazing either!

Virtual Reality: Ratings 4/5 (Free!)
This was another fun stall I enjoyed- something for everyone. Not much to say about this but would recommend this for the kids or just for the experience really!

‘So..was it worth it?’ ‘What?’ ‘The artbox!’ 
Here’s the breakdown from the bad to the good.

In my opinion, I think it was another version of Camden market in London however much more crowded and way smaller. The space wasn’t utilized in the best way, all of the stalls were way too close to each other leaving barely any adequate walking space. In the beginning, it wasn’t so bad- however after a while, with the heat and humidity, it got just a tiny bit tiring.

It was FUN! There were a lot of finger foods and drinks available, so lines didn’t take up too much time however there were some stalls which I wasn’t able to get to due to the crowds. There a lot of fun things to try out and cool things to see. Go with an open mind, don’t expect too much- there plenty of places to chill and have drinks and live performances to sing along to and enjoy. Go with a couple of friends, forget the world and relax.

See you guys soon!


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