This is how we roll: vegetable maki sushi!

Japanese food is one of my favorite cuisines in the world. I get sushi cravings ALL the time! Unfortunately, sushi is quite expensive especially when you eat it as much as I do. After binge watching a countless number of videos on how to make sushi, I decided to give it a try!

After an hour of scurrying around my local grocer, I finally found all the ingredients I required to make a good sushi roll. I will be giving you guys two recipies; one for salmon and one for a vegetable maki. Since the salmon maki was my first time making a sushi, I obviously did not succeed. My mom tried really hard not to laugh when she first saw my maki, but let’s be honest, I tried really hard too. It was a mess! However today, i surprised myself when I made a really yummy vegetable maki which only carries 2 main ingredients!!


Salmon Maki:
1) Sushi Rice
2) Nori Sheets
3) Salmon (Make sure it says for ‘raw consumption’)
4) Sliced cucumbers (optional)
5) Sushi Vinegar
6) Teriyaki Sauce (optional) 1 Ts
7) Sushi Rolling Mat

Vegetable Maki:
1) Sushi Rice
2) Nori Sheets
3) Spinach (less than half a cup)
4) sliced carrots (1)
5) Sushi Vinegar
6) Teriyaki Sauce (optional) TS
7) Sushi Rolling Mat

For both of these maki’s, you can choose your own vegetables or meat products! It works great anyways.

What to do, What to do:
1) Measure 1 cup of sushi rice and add it to your rice cooker. My rice cooker is generally pretty slow, so I cooked my rice for an hour.
2) When your rice is finished cooking, pour 2 teaspoons of sushi vinegar into your rice and mix. Do not break the rice as this will release starch, which will make the rice even more stickier.
3) Leave your rice to the side to cool down. Do not put hot rice on the nori sheet! Do not put your rice in the fridge either. I let my rice cool for an hour.
4) Wash all vegetables and slice carrot or cucumber into thin slices.
5) Get your sushi mat out, put your nori sheet on top of it. There are two sides to a nori sheet- rough and smooth. Make sure the rough side is facing you- this is the side that you’ll be adding your vegetables to.
6) Put your rice on the sheet, making sure to cover 2/3 of the nori sheet.
7) Add your vegetables to the top of the rice.
8) This step is pretty difficult to explain. You need to watch a youtube video- rolling your sushi!
9) After you’ve rolled your sushi, cut it up and serve!

Preparing this can be a little tedious, but it is fun and so yummy in the end! The hard work pays off.




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