Still searching

His mind produced 500 thoughts every second,
his focus dwindling away, soon to disappear completely
stop he would repeat to himself,
he dragged himself to work everyday,
mindlessly staring at the clock,
counting down hours for the day to be over,
confined by his unfortunate reality,
irritation trapped him,
his arrogance silenced by his boss.

His thoughts tried to spark a muse
but what do you do with a man so unmotivated,
a man who begged for his life on a silver plate,
he was blinded by his dreams,
his incompetence built his frustration,
pushing him to an endless void of desperation-
as a child, he was told to follow his dreams,
but little did they warm him about his other life,
the life he required to survive,
the few dollars he needed to make before he dared to dream,
LIARS, he wanted to scream.

He would look forward to his few moments of solitude,
in his little cubicle, surrounded by sheets he would never read,
just so he could rest his head for a few more minutes,
and dream about the alternate universe,
the life that he craved,
the wife he wanted to embrace,
the children he wanted to love,
now and then, he would lift his head up high,
to see if his boss was nearby, but he was away-
a sense of relief overcame him,
reality slowly crept in forcing him to rub his eyes,
but for now,
it will all need to wait.


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