The stork

It stood in the corner alone,
Look away child, that shadow makes a baleful figure,
the ceiling bulb flickered constantly,
ugly flies slowly made a home out of it,
yellow stained walls with plenty of cracks,
one more touch, I warn you, it will come falling down.

She appeared out of nowhere,
turning our worst nightmare into a home,
even when she disappears for a few days,
it stands confident and undefeated,
she wandered into our lives during-
a time of change, a time of loneliness,
in desperate need of a friend, but
she turned out to be a long lost family member,
a family member we didn’t know was possible to lose.

Her smiles, her laughs, her hugs,
her charm embraced us tightly,
we felt safe again, our trust began to linger,
she taught us the art of laughter,
her secret to a good life,
with open arms, we let her wave her wand,
her child-like faith was adorable,
a 10 year old trapped in a woman’s body-
‘you are amazing!’ she would say repeatedly,
the only thing I disappointed her with is,
letting those words go by easy.

The guardian angel the world needs,
she was the child of the cosmos,
listen to the stories she shares, I’m telling you
for she is independent, smart and confident,
qualities you would want to have,
but be your own person she’ll remind you-
She will hold your hand in times of need,
to give you the words of comfort you never knew you needed.

Somewhere, along the crossroads of fate and destiny,
she assures us that the stork got the wrong address,
One in a million- if you catch em, hold on to them.


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