REVIEW: Dim Dim Sum #hongkongdiaries

Last week, I was lucky enough to make a quick trip to Hong kong with 4 of my closest friends. I last visited Hong kong in 2013 and oh my, I was taken back with how much Hong Kong has changed.

So, in these 5 days- I was able to try a whole range of foods that were not only delicious but also very affordable.

The first restaurant I was able to eat at was Dim Dim Sum.  You dim sum, you lose some! okay, sorry- that was bad.

After scrutinizing food blogs in Hong kong- Dim dim sum was an easy eye catcher. Reviews were honest and positive, something I greatly appreciate. There was just something about this place that drew my attention towards it- I just had to try it out. Dim dim sum is a small street side restaurant located in a pretty vibrant neighborhood. This restaurant is great for nights where you want to experience the local cuisine but you’re just not feeling local enough for hawkers or food stalls. (if that makes sense?). 

The waiters/waitresses were very helpful and patient- very smiley too. As it was a very small restaurant, the ambience wasn’t spectacular. Dim dim sum is great for cheap and good food.

I ordered some char siew bao (BBQ pork buns), piggy custard buns, shrimp and pork dumplings with crab roe (siu mai), rice noodle roll stuffed with beef and bbq pork and lastly, some steamed beef balls.

I loved the char siew bao and the piggy custard buns. They were both delicious. Let’s begin with the char siew bao- Although, this is something I can easily find in Singaporean hawkers, the taste is incomparable. It was authentic and tasted very homemade. Ingredients tasted fresh and I think Icould eat them all day if I had to. Trust me, this is something you’d crave for days. The piggy custard buns were aesthetically pleasing and something i’d recommend for all the Instagram lovers. They were very cute however very sweet too. One of these would be more than enough.unnamed-2.jpg

Next, the shrimp and pork dumplings with crab roe (siu mai)- this was amazing. It was perfectly seasoned and had the homemade taste. Not much to say here, other than the fact that it is a must try!! The beef balls wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed, they didn’t look as appetizing nor did they taste that amazing either. They were a bit too salty and chewy for my liking. Next, I enjoyed the rice noodle roll with beef much more than the one with bbq pork. I found the bbq pork a bit salty for me.



Rice noodle roll

Overall- I really enjoyed Dim dim sum. It’s great for cheap eats. It’s quick, delicious and very affordable- I don’t know whats a better combination. I definitely think it’s a quick must try if you’re going to be in Hong kong. As I shared the following dishes with my friends- my total came up to be 35 HKD which is 6.21 SGD. I recommended this place to another group of freinds that were in Hong kong at the same time and they loved it!

Hope you guys get the chance to check this out,  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!



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