Getting Started

‘Your life is being wasted away by all of this!,’ she yelled, furiously massaging her head.  I smiled. ‘No, mom. I’m starting one right now.’

I’ll be honest… I was never the brightest child in the room. There were plenty more in the room that were able to boast about their grades and rant about how smart they were. I was never interested in being the all star student- god, I hated that routine. Get up. Go to school. Go home. Sleep. Repeat. It exhausted me. I knew there was something different about me when I realised that my extra-curriculars made me more happy than the usual kid. ‘God, I have that dumb activity after school today,’ I had become accustomed to hearing whispers from my classmates as they groaned but the same thing that frustrated them excited me. Leading groups, planning events, raising money tugged strings of excitement and forced me to do more. It made me feel more accomplished. They didn’t rate me on a number.

It was week two of my internship and I only had a week left before I had to bid farewell to my beloved workspace behind. Something about this realization made me sad though. I wasn’t ready to go back to my routined lifestyle. My eyes were naturally drawn to the big TV screens that called out stock prices. Suits and ties became fun to wear and lastly, this nine to six job didn’t feel like a common desk job. There was a breath of anticipation being bred here. Laughter would echo through the halls and your definition of knowledge would be tested. Learning had become a habit. Bloomberg, a word I would have hated to be caught saying had soon become a skill I had acquired and no, I’m not talking about operating the free app on your phone.

It was refreshing to be surrounded by new faces that came from all walks of life. It was the conversations I’d been craving for a long time. Something new, something different, something to share. It was the same fascination I experienced when I was at my extracurriculars but this was something greater than a classroom. A different feeling of independence, confidence and perception which I had not embraced in a long time. I lived for moments like these for they taught me skills I couldn’t learn from a textbook. I would pester my team to give me more work to do, ‘Ah..don’t you know what interns are like,’ they’d laugh. ‘You work as though you’ve been here forever..relax.. it’s summer!.’ but little did they know, it was their energy that was contagious and their work ethic that I wanted to adopt.

It was their passion that continues to hold my hand as I get ready to leave to make my own print on the world.


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