Change. The word that once encouraged positivity has unfortunately adopted a bad connotation. It clutches a feeling of anxiety, discomfort and forces us to wish for anything else except that. We’re so used to living our lives in such an intricate manner. Are you the same person you were a year ago? Have your relationships changed? Friendship circles? Jobs? Are you too comfortable living in the space you are in, right now?

If you’re answering a confident yes to all, maybe, it’s time for a little change. Change musters growth which to us, has always been a sign of life and has symbolized positivity. Embrace change. As we grow older, there are more and more things that seem to occupy our attention- children, school, jobs, family..etc. It’s difficult to take time out for ourselves and build on our own skills and qualities.

Take a new route to work today. Act like a tourist and fall in love with your city once again. Put away your phone when you’re having a walk or when you’re traveling on the bus/train. Pay more attention to the world. People-watch for a little while. Time will go by a little slower if you take closer notice.

Join some new classes! You’re never too old to be a student. Make some new friends..with people of all ages and of all backgrounds. Be open minded. You will gain a different perspective of the world. Don’t let anybody’s job status fool you into choosing a friendship. It’s how people treat you and make you feel which is important. Reconsider your old relationships. Maybe, it’s time to stray away from the negativity. The ‘unfollow’, ‘block’ or even ‘unfriend’ button might seem difficult but if you think you’ll be more at peace afterwards, do it. Now, unfortunately, we’ve become a little too good at spotting the negativity in our lives which makes it harder to admit that sometimes, the negativity might be us! Take some time to spot those qualities and eliminate them.

Rekindle some of your relationships. Put the phones away- this is such a difficult one for me as there’s always a notification just a second away. If you have children, take time to listen, allow them to scribble away as they laugh and finally, let them be children. If you have parents, take time to listen. We often forget that as we’re growing up, they are growing older too. Laugh with them more. Cherish some good memories with them. Hug your loved ones more. Tell them you love them. Life is too short for silly misunderstandings.

Change your hairstyle. Try a different look! Listen to different types of music. Read new books. Educate yourself. One may take everything away from you but one can never take away your knowledge. Try out a new sport. Become healthier. Don’t ever shy away from investing in yourself. We’re too hard on ourselves, scrutinizing our flaws but admiring the same flaws on other people. Love yourself before you love others.

Take care of yourself. Life is beautiful, challenging, twisted, romantic, fun and exciting.  Make experiences. Make memories. Make mistakes but learn from them.


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