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As I refreshed my newsfeed, I noticed one thing was continuously popping up. ‘Sunny leone has adopted a baby girl.’ (For those who don’t know, Sunny Leone is a former porn star who is currently working in the Bollywood industry.) Good for her, I thought. It was refreshing to finally see something good in the papers. She was about to make a huge difference to her baby’s life. I didn’t really think more about clicking the link because the title said it all, how much more would the article have to say. As I scrolled down, angry reactions poured in from around the world. My first thought was that the author must have written something offensive against Sunny Leone which probably triggered reactions so I clicked on it. However, to my unfortunate surprise, it wasn’t the author who had written something rude…it was just angry reactions to happy news.

‘Being adopted by a porn star is not a blessing at all.’
‘Nisha Kaur grows up and asks mum ,”what is your profession mum?” what will she say?’
‘The environment the child will grow, ‘will it be suitable for her mentality?’

I’m sorry…what? What upsets me is that some people are actually convinced that their comments are necessary and have ‘good intentions’. She’s a former porn star. FORMER. Actually, even if she was a current porn star- I still don’t understand why HER choices gives people the right to judge her, speak of her in an atrocious manner and finally treat her as if she was nothing. Sure, it might not be a noble profession to society but I don’t see where the connection of being unnecessarily ruthless to her comes in. Profession shouldn’t define someone’s character and definitely should not give anybody the reason to treat someone in an inferior or superior manner.

Now, these comments are nothing new. Sunny has learnt her own way to deal with these internet trolls but what disgusts me is that people are being rude to her child. A toddler who probably hasn’t said her first word is already being judged by random illiterate strangers online. I just don’t understand why people care- why do you care how she decides to raise her family or what she tells her daughter later on. It’s none of our business. Nobody needs to act like a saint or needs to over-express their unsolicited concern over somebody else’s child especially when no form of danger is present.

I don’t personally know her but I can’t tolerate unnecessary hatred for anybody. It pushes all my buttons. She’s a strong, confident woman and she’s content in her life. She’s an activist against violence against animals and raises awareness about health for the American Cancer Society. She’s constantly donating to charity and of course, that shouldn’t easily convince anyone she’s a good person but her past profession shouldn’t convince anyone she’s a bad person or that she deserves any form of hatred.


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