Ugly Love

This is my take on Carol Anne Duffy’s poem “Little Red Cap.” The original poem was written in the perspective of Red Riding Hood however, I decided to challenge the role of the wolf by writing in his perspective. Hope you enjoy! 

All alone in this grisly looking place,
No lover to hold me close on cold nights,
My brazen fur growing old,
Deep crevasses of grey making themselves feel at home,
My growls slowly dwindling to whispers,
as an intermittent pain of loneliness clings to me,
An old bottle of liquor keeps me company,
Poisoning me with memories I want to forget.

A young maiden wanders through my forest floors,
Her red cloak embracing her delicate physique,
Her walk had its own rhythm,
Her presence it’s own mystique
Her hips swaying softly side by side,
I was appalled.
Her purity charmed me,
Little hands, petite waist,
Statuesque silhouette
Oh I couldn’t resist, I was sinning.

There was this urge I was resisting but
I wooed her into the forest unfazed,
Oh, the little fool she was.
As the light began to fade to grey,
Tranquility kissed my bare skin,
I’ve missed company i thought to myself,
My claws wrapped around her waist,
The next few moments were a blur,
A soft echo of stifled screams and tears,
Scraps of cloth devoid of purity being caressed by the ground,
A wolf’s love had stained her memory,
A tinge of pain interlocking itself between her fingers,
Hush darling, it’ll be over soon, i whispered.


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