Reflecting on 2017

Happy new year!!

Welcoming in 2018 feels great but it also feels incredibly strange to realise how quickly 2017 got over. For some, it was the best year ever. For others, it was the worst and they couldn’t wait for the days to get over! For me, 2017 was a year of learning and growing up. Just simple experiences like travelling with close friends to two internships or harder experiences such as losing my grandmother has forced me to develop and recognise skills I never knew I had.  I’ve learnt a lot this year and I’m so grateful for every up and down that has taught me invaluable lessons and has pushed me to becoming a better person.

Well, senior year happened. The first couple of months were stressful. Dealing with a loss whilst trying to play catch up with school is never easy but the last 5 months have been beyond amazing. My friends have been more than supportive. The best thing about senior year is how close you become to some people (mainly because you’re all in the same boat dying over the workload, but that’s a different story). These last few months have allowed me to see not only myself but my best friends in their rawest form and it really is beautiful and pure and makes me love and appreciate them so much more.

Like any other student, high school has stimulated enriching experiences and it’s scary to think about how quickly the next 4 months are going to go by. It’ll probably be one of the hardest goodbyes ever. Not only a goodbye to school but a routine that I led for almost 14 years of my life. After every summer or winter, it was just back to school to old friends and teachers but this summer, it’ll be a different university. While it’s going to be a difficult goodbye, it’ll also be the most exciting hello’s to a future we’ve all been waiting for. The first big step into the ‘real world’.

I’m really excited for what 2018 brings along. It’ll be a year of massive change. I hope it brings in more positivity, more love and more happiness. I’m excited to begin university in a completely different country with a fresh start, new friends whilst keeping in touch with the old loved ones and finally, building a new home.

I hope 2018 brings you lots of health, prosperity and happiness.

Happy new year once again!
Lots of love,


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