Reformer Pilates – What should you expect?

As spring crawls in, I’ve definitely noticed a change in my energy levels. Not only have I found the motivation to go to the gym again but i’ve also been looking forward to incorporating new workouts in my routine.

Pilates. We’ve all heard of it. Moreover, at some point, we’ve all attempted a 10 minutes mat pilates workout that we’ve found on youtube. However, attempting Pilates Reformer is evidently different. Your muscles work harder. Your core is more engaged. You will definitely feel the burn right after. Being sore is possibly an understatement.

This week, I decided to challenge myself a little more and give Pilates a go. Thank you Alexa for introducing me to SLT! SLT is a fitness studio here in the heart of Boston that combines cardio, strength training and pilates in a 50 minute workout. It promises to give you reSuLTs. That wasn’t a pun – it’s really what they vouch for.

As I’ve never done pilates in a proper studio before – almost everything was exciting when I first stepped in.

First up, the machines. I tried to watch videos regarding the Reformer before class just so I had an idea of what to expect. I grabbed the machine closest to the corner of the studio to avoid further embarrassment due to my lack of experience. Women were coming in, setting up their machines and warming up effortlessly. It was a little intimidating but what isn’t when you’re trying something new?

As soon as I stepped onto the machine, all the information I had stored in my brain suddenly flew out.

Working out on a moving platform was uncomfortable, nerve-wracking at times and definitely challenging. At times, I’d be holding on to the bars for dear life as my legs quivered in pain. At times, I felt a little discouraged as there were just so many things going on. You’re trying to listen to instructions whilst getting familiar with the new equipment – all while you experience soreness in parts of your body that you didn’t even know you could feel sore!

However, as the class went on, I began to feel more control and in charge of my workout. Pilates was not only challenging but it became fun. I experienced a workout rush and wanted to push myself more to feel that extra burn. It felt GOOD. I was definitely out of my comfort zone.

I personally found reformer Pilates more effective than mat Pilates as the reformer clearly forces your muscles to engage with the workout. There’s no opting out or faking your ‘posture’ with the reformer! It’s almost as if it knows when you’re doing something incorrect. If you are a newcomer like me, definitely set yourself up near a mirror so you can check your posture throughout class.

SO, thoughts! Pilates will be hard but FUN! It’s a great full body workout. I totally understand why people love it and how it may provide such effective results for some. It keeps your full body engaged throughout the whole class. Also, there is no ‘rest’ on the reformer. Your muscles are activated even if you don’t want them to be. However, after your workout – you will definitely feel accomplished, energetic and sore!!

So, give it a go if you haven’t already. Bring a friend!! Having Alexa try it out with me as a beginner was SO comforting  – it’s always refreshing to look over once in a while and know you’re not struggling alone! The best part is grabbing food right after and talking about how GREAT you feel.


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