To spin or not to spin?

I’ve been spinning for the last 3-4 years now and I can always vouch for how fun it is. If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the words ‘Soul Cycle’ or ‘Flywheel’ or photos of people at a spin class around – it’s almost everywhere. Sometimes, that can be intimidating especially if you have no idea what you’re about to get yourself into. However, here are my reasons of why I love spinning and why you will too!

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, let me clarify what spinning is because every time I seem to talk about it – there is always one person looking at me all crazy as if I really spend some of my time spinning in circles (True story).

In short, Spinning is high intensity indoor cycling. I believe it is an activity more frequently done in groups in a class setting; however, you can definitely purchase a spin bike and do it in the comforts of your own home. Spinning typically focuses on increasing your strength and your endurance. It’s faced paced, intense and fun. Get ready to SWEAT!

Most importantly, a spin bike is not the same as the stationary bike you might be used to seeing in your gym. While both are great for cardio, you’re more likely to use your whole body in a spin bike and engage more muscles than you would with a stationary bike. For example, with a stationary bike, you’re more likely to focus on your lower body (quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves) but with a spin bike, you can target your lower body but your upper body too! Both bikes are relatively easy to use and have low injury risks. A spin bike is shaped a little similar to an actual bike – therefore, you might be hunching more compared to the more laid back approach you might experience on a stationary bike.

This is a Spin Bike. (Creds:

I’ve struggled with enjoying exercising for a long time now. Sometimes, I find it difficult to find the motivation to go to the gym and when I do go, I feel like I don’t do enough. However, with spinning – every class makes me feel accomplished, energetic and honestly, great. It’s important for me to enjoy the activity when I’m working out because I get bored easily. I don’t want to exercise if I have to do the exact same thing for the next 45 minutes. I NEED variety. And, that’s exactly what spinning does. You’re able to sit or stand up and pedal at the same time. Sometimes, your instructors might ask you to race against the clock (and your peers too!).  A little fun competition can be motivating.

Another thing I love about spinning is possibly the studio itself. All the instructors I’ve had have been enthusiastic and supportive. Most spinning studios are typically dimly-lit or dark and have loud music playing. It intensifies the cardio involved and gives the room a very club-like setting.

As mentioned before, spinning classes are typically a group activity. Personally, I love working out with a group – there’s something so motivating about it. It’s such a great, supportive environment and it’s always fun to work out with others. Everyone is working on their own pace and towards their own personal goal – and to be surrounded by that energy gives me a different rush that I can’t explain.

That being said – spinning is PERSONALISED. This is YOUR workout and you can always make it as hard or as easy as you feel like. Trust me, your instructor will re-iterate that throughout class. Whether it’s them saying, “Push yourself!”,  “Own this workout!” or my personal favorite, “Remember why you came here today!” – you’re reminded that you’re solely investing your time in this, and the outcome of the activity is decided completely by you. So, push yourself!

Finally, I’ve heard responses of both spectrums regarding spinning – while some don’t like it, others LOVE it. I still think everyone should give indoor spinning a go whether its to simply try out a new form of exercise or experience that AFTER workout feel. Regardless of what you choose, have fun and do what you makes you comfortable.


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