By Chloe – Review

Before moving to Boston, ‘By Chloe’ seemed to be nothing more than a vegan cult that appeared on all my social media accounts. Almost every influencer I was following suddenly craved the vegan lifestyle, and off they went – posting the occasional plant based meal in every other photo. I have to admit, I used to be a bigot regarding vegan food. Vegan food, in my mind, was limited to bland leafy greens and tasteless food. Not only was I a meat eater, but I was an avid consumer of cheese. There was no escape from the dairy life here. However, I give credit to By Chloe for changing my perception of Vegan food.

For those of you who don’t know – By Chloe is a plant based, vegan restaurant and it has multiple locations across the East Coast of America and London. Now, this ‘plant-based’ restaurant is far from the dull impression you may have of vegan eateries. On first glance, By Chloe maintains a fun and vibrant aesthetic. As someone who is not a fan of vegan bites, this colourful ambience was inviting and comforting to me. Suddenly, eating healthy was exciting and less intimidating. I, too, became the newest member of this vegan cult.

By Chloe has a wholesome menu. It definitely aims to appeal to its junk food eaters – so don’t worry about being deprived of a cheat meal. This place has enough burgers and sweet treats that will keep you satisfied. For my meal, I ordered the Quinoa Taco Salad which has some spicy seitan chorizo, black beans, sweetcorn, avocado, tofu crèma, agave lime vinaigrette and more! For a side, I ordered the sweet potato fries.

Similar to its ambience, the meals are not lackluster. They’re large portioned and colorful. If you love taking pictures of your food, this is a great place to do so! Now, I’ve had plenty of boring salads. I crave flavor and variety in my bowls – and this is where By Chloe excels. It brings a great amalgamation of familiar flavors to one bowl – and the end result is delicious. I found the salad to be extremely filling – although it was delicious, I was unable to get myself to finish it. This was also my first time trying a plant based meat substitute – and I have to say the spicy seitan chorizo did not disappoint nor did it compromise on taste.

The sweet potato fries are a true weakness of mine. As they are air baked, they do not retain the crunch and have a more ‘soggy’ appearance. The chipotle aioli makes for a perfect sidekick, so enjoy the free refills. I’ve also heard the spicy beet ketchup is equally delicious.

By Chloe’s meals proves that eating vegan doesn’t need to be limiting. So, indulge freely without any guilt!


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