Boston University’s Campus Bites: Review of Life Alive Organic Cafe

Let’s be honest. Eating healthy in college is difficult. Dining halls are filled with burgers and pizzas – and yes, we have a salad bar – but actually making yourself a bowl may sound good only in theory. When the Mac and Cheese station opens up, you know you’re going to stand in that line because suddenly, “there’s nothing else to eat”.

Eating healthy was definitely something I struggled with my first semester away at college. Taste buds that were so used to home food and spicy flavors suddenly adjusted to having the same bland, greasy slice of pizza almost everyday- oh, and that little side of fries certainly never hurts. Except it does. Especially, when you realise you haven’t had a serving of fruits in the last one week and you also failed to go to the gym.

While eating healthy in college is hard, it is certainly not impossible. Infact, it is very much do-able. However, that post will be saved for another day. In the last two months of college, my friend Anoushka introduced me to an amazing organic cafe. Never did I think that I would place the words amazing and organic right next to each other – but Life Alive definitely deserves it.

My go to order at Life Alive is definitely their Açai bowl or Falafel salad.

As Life Alive doesn’t purely serve Açai bowls – there’s only two choices on the menu but my favorite is the PB&J Acai bowl. It consists of peanut butter, smashed strawberries, Acai, banana, blueberry, cacao, coconut crême, hemp seeds and peanut crunch. Acai berries are considered a superfood as they’re jam packed with antioxidants, minerals, fibre, protein and vitamins! If you might not be familiar with the concept of Acai bowls, think a big, thick berry smoothie in a bowl. It is usually topped with more fruits, nuts, granola or even shaved coconut. These bowls are insanely wholesome and make for a great breakfast. However, they do contain generous amounts of sugar – so, an occasional treat once in a while would be preferable.

I have to admit, I am not very experimental when it comes to salads but the Falafel salad at Life Alive is a winner, in my opinion. Also known as ‘Falafel Power’, this salad is a mediterranean salad with baked falafel, hummus, cucumber, radish, tomato, celery & olives, sumac vinaigrette and tahini. At first glance, the plate might look as though it’s just another salad packed; however, its hidden falafel patties serve the ‘green’ look justice. This was a salad that I actually enjoyed eating – and honestly, it’s hard to find a salad that tastes as good as it looks. For the first time, I didn’t have to force myself to consume leaves simply for health reasons, but purely because it was full of taste and flavor. It was such a nourishing and filling meal.

Life Alive is one of my favorite places on campus. It has great affordable healthy options so feel free to indulge. Life Alive also serves wraps, bowls, salads that taste just as good as they sound – so if you’re looking for healthier alternatives or love your greens – this place is a must try!


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