Onto the next.

And, just like that, another year goes by.

It’s quite unsettling how quickly the year has gone by, and how much closer we are to welcoming in the new decade. 2019 has proved to be a beautiful yet chaotic year. Overwhelming at times, it felt almost as if I’ve lived two years in one. The first half of 2019 appears as if it happened an entire year ago, while the second half seems to never end. Just me?

Personally, 2019 has been a frenzied amalgamation of the perfect ups and downs; a living proof of dualism.

While some days were harder than others, I’ve been able to experience so many beautiful moments which I felt were often overshadowed by personal conflicts I experienced. It is no secret that I struggled with a mental relapse closer to the end of the year. Especially with winter caving in and the days getting shorter, I’d never built a more intimate relationship with being alone and staying in than I had before.

However, with that being said, I’ve realised how easy it is to overlook the amazing experiences, moments and life lessons that have occured throughout the year simply due to a minute plummet. It’d be unfair to conclude this year by only reflecting upon a fleeting moment in time.

So, in celebration of 2020, here are 20 amazing things that have happened in 2019.

  1. I was able to visit 7 different countries
    • Kicked off 2019 in Mumbai, travelled back home to Singapore, went back to school in the U.S, spent the summer in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and celebrated thanksgiving in London!
  2. I explored new towns and cities across the U.S
    • Visited Gloucester, Newburyport, Salem and Orlando with my best friends.
  3. After my recent Disneyland trip in Orlando, I can now officially say that I’ve visited all of the Disneyland’s in the world. (Gentle brag)
  4. I became a campus ambassador for Rent the Runway. This has been a great learning experience, in terms of being able to work with a unicorn and help build brand-awareness for them.
    • Rent The Runway is a online subscription fashion service that promotes sustainable fashion and aims to eliminate fast-fashion practices. It is now one of Crain’s 5 tech companies to watch out for in 2020!
  5. I went to my first climate strike in Boston, and even got to protest inside of Boston’s City Hall which was an amazing, amazing experience.
  6. I paid more attention to my health all around – engaged in more self care practices and even tried out Core Power Yoga!
  7. I’m in the process of getting my drivers license.
  8. I was able to tick off ‘read more’ off my summer bucket list. It’s been so hard to find time to read during the semester especially with so much going on – but I’m happy that I was able to read at least 6 books this semester!
  9. I got my beautiful dog, Luna, this summer.
  10. I also got over my life-long fear of dogs.
  11. I got to do a small back-to-school- advertisement with Campus Trendsetters (Her Campus Initiative) – and got to keep some fun products!
  12. I tried moose meat. Thoughts? very weird but very interesting (and delicious too).
  13. I got to anchor Boston Headlines for The Wire, a daily-news show on BUTV10 (Boston University’s student operated television channel) – and this will forever be one of my favourite college experiences.
  14. I got to do a Social Media Takeover on Boston University’s official Instagram page for Marathon Monday. Talking to yourself on camera for hundreds of people to see was actually quite fun?
  15. This one is a little big for me. I transitioned into the business school this semester. The mental transition was a lot tougher than the academic. I initially experienced imposter syndrome, however, I now feel very much at home.
  16. This one hits close to home. I developed a closer and stronger relationship with my sister which is something we’ve been trying to work on for quite a while.
  17. Took a summer-course, just for fun, and got to explore my unexplored computer-science nerd side.
    • I learnt some amazing skills this summer: Web development, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Adobe Animate CC and Adobe Dreamweaver. Before trying out something completely new, I always put myself in the mindset that the task isn’t ‘meant for me’ (whatever that means), however, I’m glad I forced myself to try something in a different field because it ended up being really interesting and fun! This has definitely opened up a new door of interest for me and I can’t wait to keep exploring this side of me in the future.
  18. I did a social media detox this summer (and am currently doing one as I write this).
    • I can always vouch for how important it is to disconnect yourself once in a while from all the craziness that takes place online. Social media has definitely placed this weird urgency of having to know everything that’s going on around you and this pressure of having to experience it all – which can honestly feel so overwhelming and toxic at times. So, the only way I can escape from it is to switch it off, simply relax and feel unbothered – which feels great, by the way.
  19. Fell in love with keeping a gratitude journal and journaling in general.
  20. Met some amazing people over the year, got closer to old and new friends, and said a ‘see you soon’ to some.

And, the list can truly go on.

2019 has taught me that life can make you feel on top of the world in one second, and down in the dumps in the next. It’s been a wild learning curve that has allowed me to experience love, happiness, friendship, guilt, loss and much more. I’ve been able to learn so much about myself – the girl I was and the woman I aspire to be. There is still so much to learn and I’m so excited to continue to unravel life in 2020. I’ve learnt to constantly remind myself to not let the harder moments overshadow the jovial ones and to simply accept the difficult experiences because they are JUST moments in time that WILL pass.

I hate to be THAT person whose all like, ‘New Year, New Me’ but i love the excitement that comes along with a new year – and the wholesome feeling of being able to start on a clean slate.

So, 2020 – I am EXCITED for you. I’m excited to start a brand new decade and chapter in life. I’m looking forward to learning new things, reading more, working harder, making life-long friends, reconnecting with others, meeting new people, taking advantage of new opportunities, fulfilling goals and dreams and truly being sucked into the vacuum of life. There is so much to look forward to, so much to be grateful for, and I truly cannot wait to see what’s lying ahead.


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