Tsurutontan Udon Noodle Brasserie – Review

Being the foodie I am, it seems quite fitting that I’ll be kicking off my 2020 posts with a classic restaurant review. This time around, Tsurutontan Udon Noodle Brasserie takes center stage.

A newly arrived food gem has made its way into Kenmore square; a win-win for Boston University students looking for some close-to-home options! While this restaurant is primarily for Udon lovers, there are plenty of delicious options such as sushi, tempura, dumplings and other Japanese appetizers for everyone. 

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Tsurutontan has already made its way through Hawaii and New York, before making its latest arrival in Boston’s upcoming food scene. If you are an Udon enthusiast, this is a must try! 

Okay, onto the Udon.

Get ready to slurp. The size of the udon bowls are seriously massive so come with an appetite. However, pace yourself and leave some room for dessert! The noodles are definitely the star of the dish, and you, my friend, get the ultimate freedom of choosing thick or thin noodles. You can also order a large udon (more noodles) for the same price as a regular. If you’re looking to eat for two, while saving a few – Tsurutontan is your answer. 

Tan Tan Udon: 

If you’re familiar with Tantanmen Ramen, then Tan Tan Udon should come as no surprise. This udon bowl is packed with a spicy, creamy broth with ground pork. It’s extremely flavourful and hearty. The restaurant is also generous with its pork servings! If you haven’t tried udon before, I’d say this is a great place to start especially if you’re a spicy ramen fan. 

Uni Udon:

I personally can’t comment on this dish as I’ve never tried Uni before, but a friend of mine who ordered this described Uni as sweet with a distinct mango after-taste. Unlike the other Udon bowls, this bowl had no broth but the udon was packed with flavour! Overall, the dish definitely had an intense umami taste to it. 

Duck Udon:

An arguably ‘lighter’ option compared to the rest. The broth was delicious and savoury. Its flavor components were quite similar to miso soup. The duck, on the other hand, was thicker in portion and had a chewier taste.  

Shrimp Tempura Udon:

An all-around favourite. It’s a simple and relatively light option served in a big, delicious broth. Who doesn’t love a casual break from the soft, chewy noodles to a crispy, tempura fried shrimp? It’s a popular comfort option whether you need a warm getaway in winter or a nourishing meal on its own. 

Unfortunately, I’m not as experimental with udon as I wish I could be but this place definitely has me coming for seconds. I personally enjoyed the classic Tempura and Unagi roll. Everything tasted fresh, and the Unagi sauce was delicious! 

Overall, Tsurutontan ticks off all my boxes for a dinner out. The restaurant has a zen and upscale ambience. Its dimly lit aesthetic is perfect for university students whether its for date night or a group night out. 

A definite must try if you’re in the Kenmore neighbourhood.



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