Coreanos – Allston

If you’re looking for a classic blend of two different cuisines, Coreanos hits home run. This Korean-Mexican food joint has to be one of my all time favourite campus eateries. It’s value for money, and the food is great. Bingo.

Coreanos is tucked away in Allston, alongside other small restaurants and convenience stores. Make sure you keep an eye out for it as it can be an easy miss. However, don’t let its small interior fool you. It’s designed to be a take-out place, but if you’re lucky, you can definitely score a seat!


I personally love the Korean-Mexican fusion. Ever since I’ve tried Vatos Urban Tacos, I’ve been hooked. The two cuisines complement each other so well – you’ve got this distinct sweetness, a tinge of spicy and of course, the savoury. None of these flavours ever overpower the other. It’s simple, classic comfort food.

What do I order?

Well, it depends on what you like! Coreanos spoils you with choice. You’ve got rice bowls, fried chicken, tacos, quesadillas or even Kimchi fries. Keep in mind, all of these dishes are infused with Korean flavours! And yes, you can always add an extra side of Kimchi.

My go to order is the Kimchi Fried rice.

It’s simple yet incredibly flavourful and addictive. The star of the dish is evidently the Kimchi. Although the fried rice is made with only a few ingredients, the dish has such a unique taste. It’s the perfect amalgamation of tangy and spicy. The egg yolk adds its own separate punch. When mixed in with the fried rice, the dish is dulcified.

Also pictured here alongside the fried rice are the fried chicken wings. I personally didn’t enjoy them. While they seemed to be dipped into multiple sauces, there was no actual flavour to the wings. They were sticky, but dull on the inside. Each to their own, a miss for me unfortunately.

One of my favourite sides has to be the Kimchi fries.


Once you try Kimchi fries, normal fries are honestly boring. These loaded fries are topped with an egg, a combination of sauces, kimchi, scallions and more! While the fries are hidden under the toppings, they still retain their crunch element. It’s the perfect pick-me-up meal after a long day.

Overall, a definite must try, especially if you’ve never tried Korean-Mexican fusion. That’s an experience of its own. Hop on over if Coreanos is located near you or order in for a lazy, weeknight dinner.


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