Why I love being a RTR rep:

This post is not sponsored by Rent the Runway. This is simply my own opinion based on experiences of being a RTR campus rep! 

Rent the runway (RTR) is an online clothing service that provides unlimited renting options for designer clothing and accessories for everyday and special occasions. RTR aims to revolutionise the fashion industry with its renting practices. Their motto? Rent more, buy less! Renting is an excellent way to sustainably uplift your wardrobe, while positively contributing to the environment in the long run. Say goodbye to dry cleaning fees, shipping costs and say hello to rental insurance, easy returns and members-only discounts! 

How many times have you ordered something online, perhaps a top you thought you liked but ended up wearing it only once? I know I have! Sometimes, we miss that return period, and we’re stuck with an idle wardrobe with clothes we barely wear. Not only is this hurting your wallet, but this is inherently impacting the environment as well, especially if you’re consuming from fast fashion brands. 

This year, my goal was to adopt a more minimalist approach with my clothing, and simply buy less! With Rent the Runway, I’ve been super lucky to indulge in sustainable fashion.

Here are three reasons why I love being a RTR campus rep!

Saying goodbye to my comfort zone

This has to be one of my favourite reasons for being a campus rep. Being able to rent clothes with RTR has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, and try styles I initially thought weren’t “meant for me”. I would simply wear clothes mainly for the sake of wearing clothes, and I’d rarely give myself a chance to express myself! This was a complete disaster of an attitude. However, I now love renting out new styles and forcing myself out of my comfort zone whether it means wearing a simple jumpsuit or a bold leopard print coat or my recent favourite, overalls!


Being versatile!

Since becoming a RTR rep, I’ve become more aware of the insane amount of old, unworn or abandoned clothes I have in my closet. However, this is where renting saves the day. Say hello to versatility! With RTR, you can rent 4+ pieces each month (depending on your subscription) and this gives you an ample amount of room to experiment with old and new styles. Get more with less! I love mixing and matching old and new patterns to invent a more personalised, unique style with rented pieces. It’s also a great way to maintain a timeless wardrobe, by making full use of any idle pieces! There’s tons of old outfits you can bring back into style if you try hard enough!


Being more self- aware 

This has to be an obvious one, but being a RTR rep has allowed me to be more self-aware of sustainable fashion, and has allowed me to eliminate fast fashion practices from my life. I’m not saying you need to be a campus rep, or rent immediately, but there are many ways where you can build a more sustainable wardrobe whether that’s thrifting or buying from other sustainable brands! Through my experience of being a campus rep, I’ve learnt that many individuals have a clouded judgement of what ‘sustainable fashion’ is or how to be eco-friendly with their wardrobe. This isn’t surprising, considering the number of brands that use greenwashing methods with their consumers. We need to build a more proactive mindset where we can help the fashion industry adopt ethical practices to eliminate the fast fashion cycle. When building your base wardrobe, it may be a wise decision to invest more as these pieces naturally have a timeless feature as you’ll be wearing these the MOST compared to other statement pieces you own. 


Overall, I’ve loved working with brands like RTR that incentivise you to build your personal style in a sustainable manner. My “retail therapy” addiction led to impulsive buying, and this had begun to represent my closet. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be bruised with low-quality items that were trending for only a short period of time. Invest in long-term pieces that can be easily assimilated with different styles. Being able to rent my clothing has allowed me to shop with a purpose by contemplating what I truly “need”. This has helped me develop a style that represents me, rather than careless spending!

I love changing up my style once in a while to experiment with new trends, so if you’re anything like me, try experimenting by renting, thrifting or purchase from sustainable-sourced brands! 


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