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  • 8 Lessons I’ve learned from Luna

    8 Lessons I’ve learned from Luna
  • Let’s talk: Self-care.

    Let’s talk: Self-care.
  • Roshni Jain – Business Head of Project 1000

    Roshni Jain – Business Head of Project 1000
  • Jacob Wittenberg – Founder of FRNDLY

    Jacob Wittenberg – Founder of FRNDLY

Coreanos – Allston

If you’re looking for a classic blend of two different cuisines, Coreanos hits home run. This Korean-Mexican food joint has to be one of my…


Tsurutontan Udon Noodle Brasserie – Review

Being the foodie I am, it seems quite fitting that I’ll be kicking off my 2020 posts with a classic restaurant review. This time around,…


Onto the next.

And, just like that, another year goes by. It’s quite unsettling how quickly the year has gone by, and how much closer we are to…


My love-hate relationship with lists

I LOVE lists. I love writing out to-do lists, future goals, bucket lists, grocery lists etc. The list goes on. Okay, I’ll see myself out…


Reading Again

I decided to add a book section to my blog to share book recommendations and reviews on books that I had been reading. For a…


Adopt sustainable practices while remaining fashionable!

On my last post, I discussed a general idea of what ‘Fast Fashion’ is and why we need to help transform the fashion industry to…


Fast Fashion

As consumers, we’re constantly devouring the latest trends. Naturally, we’re keen to be up to date with brands; buy what looks good. However, these fashion…


Self Care Summer

Prior to this summer, I was dead-set on finding myself a quality internship. I’d been interning for two summers in a row – and I…


Boston University’s Campus Bites: Review of Life Alive Organic …

Let’s be honest. Eating healthy in college is difficult. Dining halls are filled with burgers and pizzas – and yes, we have a salad bar…


By Chloe – Review

Before moving to Boston, ‘By Chloe’ seemed to be nothing more than a vegan cult that appeared on all my social media accounts. Almost every…