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  • 10 books I’m excited to read in 2021

    10 books I’m excited to read in 2021
  • Learning to self-love, post-breakup.

    Learning to self-love, post-breakup.
  • Lessons from 2020

    Lessons from 2020
  • 8 Lessons I’ve learned from Luna

    8 Lessons I’ve learned from Luna

Self Care Summer

Prior to this summer, I was dead-set on finding myself a quality internship. I’d been interning for two summers in a row – and I…


Boston University’s Campus Bites: Review of Life Alive Organic …

Let’s be honest. Eating healthy in college is difficult. Dining halls are filled with burgers and pizzas – and yes, we have a salad bar…


By Chloe – Review

Before moving to Boston, ‘By Chloe’ seemed to be nothing more than a vegan cult that appeared on all my social media accounts. Almost every…


To spin or not to spin?

I’ve been spinning for the last 3-4 years now and I can always vouch for how fun it is. If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably…


Reformer Pilates – What should you expect?

As spring crawls in, I’ve definitely noticed a change in my energy levels. Not only have I found the motivation to go to the gym…


The Travel Bug

You restlessly stare out the window, hoping that time goes by a little faster. You can’t help but check the plane ticket every once in…


8 months later

8 months, 57 drafts, a high school graduation and a semester at college later – I’m back. I’ve been experiencing ‘blogger block’ for a while…



In the last couple of days, the brutal gang rape and murder of an 8 year old girl named Asifa Bano in Kashmir, India has…



Recently, a close friend of mine showed me a video regarding rape cases in Haryana, India. I’ve been closely examining this problem since the horrific…



A wrinkled page drowned in tears and scribbles, she memorised each word, carefully rehearsing 3 times now in the shower, to the mirror, late at…