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  • 10 books I’m excited to read in 2021

    10 books I’m excited to read in 2021
  • Learning to self-love, post-breakup.

    Learning to self-love, post-breakup.
  • Lessons from 2020

    Lessons from 2020
  • 8 Lessons I’ve learned from Luna

    8 Lessons I’ve learned from Luna

This reeks of melancholy

Sadness is a complicated concept to fathom. It takes time to comprehend a place where a combination of gratefulness and bitterness can be reminisced in…


The Key

‘Twist it twice, and it’ll open.’  his words echoed through my mind, Twist it twice, and it’ll open- I repeated to myself. Locked. One more…


REVIEW: Dim Dim Sum #hongkongdiaries

Last week, I was lucky enough to make a quick trip to Hong kong with 4 of my closest friends. I last visited Hong kong…


REVIEW: Garibaldi

There are only a few things in life that make me happy…homemade food and some great company to share it with. Garibaldi, an Italian restaurant…



In her late forties was she, a little plump, a little sweet a funny woman who was beautiful and chaotic, but she won’t let you…


The stork

It stood in the corner alone, Look away child, that shadow makes a baleful figure, the ceiling bulb flickered constantly, ugly flies slowly made a…


Still searching

His mind produced 500 thoughts every second, his focus dwindling away, soon to disappear completely stop he would repeat to himself, he dragged himself to…


This is how we roll: vegetable maki sushi!

Japanese food is one of my favorite cuisines in the world. I get sushi cravings ALL the time! Unfortunately, sushi is quite expensive especially when…


Simple Artichoke Dip

One thing that I can’t ever seem to muster the courage to say no to will always be  my mom’s artichoke dip. It wasn’t until…


OPINION: Artbox @ Singapore 2017

Artbox is a popular, fun filled flea market from Bangkok, Thailand which recently made its way down to Singapore for the last 2 weekends. Overall,…